Monday, 10 December 2018

Be careful about sharing content on WhatsApp

Be careful about sharing content on WhatsApp

After the Supreme Court's comment, Whatsapp gave this statement, now you can make a mistake in your account, your account will be completed,

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Whatsapp has warned users that there is no place for child pornography on their platform and procedures can be processed on the relevant user's account BAN on complaining about such content. Whatsapp has shown a red eye against child pornography. The company says that they will investigate such crimes on the request of the agencies.
Wattsapp: The company has said in its statement that we can not see any message, but if a user complains, we can take action to banning the account.
The comments of Whatsapp have come after the Supreme Court's remarks. It is noteworthy that the Supreme Court has said that the Center and the internet tycoon agree to remove rap, child pornography and objectionable content together with Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

The content can be shared if it is shared on WhatsApp
1. If you are a group administrator then your group should not contain any objectionable video, photo or message.

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